Health & Wellbeing Programme (BTEI/Skills to Compete)

BTEI means Back to Education Initiative. BTEI gives unemployed adults the opportunity of returning to part time education, while retaining their benefits.
Skills to Compete is an initiative to support those who have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 and wish to re-enter the workforce. See here for details.

There is ample evidence that many people who have become newly unemployed or stuck indoors on a continuous basis due to the Covid 19 restrictions would welcome the opportunity to engage with a programme which focusses on their own health and wellbeing. The central specific purpose award which is at the centre of this programme is about changing attitudes to looking after and engaging with the personal health of the participants. Modules such as Safety and Health in the workplace and Infection prevention and control at Level 5 are very much sought after in the workplace particularly as Health and Safety officers and Covid Compliance officers.

Course Content*

Health and Wellbeing, Safety and Health in the Workplace, Infection Prevention and Control, Personal Effectiveness

(*Subject to change)


12 weeks


QQI Level 5 Part Award

Entry Requirements

All BTEI applicants must be in receipt of or a dependent of a Social Protection payment before starting the course. Participants on CE schemes or TUS may apply also.

How To Apply

Click ‘Apply Now’ at the top of this page

Apply by selecting  ‘Department Choice 1’ →  ‘BTEI Courses’ and ‘Course Choice 1’ → ‘Health + Wellbeing Programme’

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