Inclusive Education and Training

Inclusive Education and Training – 6M2263

In Ireland an inclusive education has been interpreted as providing a continuum of educational provision for students with special educational needs that encompasses mainstream classes, special classes in mainstream schools and special schools.

CDCFE Inclusive Education and Training – 6M2263 was established to encourage a broader range of people to become special educational assistance, tutors or teachers and is perfect for you if you have completed Pre-Primary School Teaching – 5M3635 or relevant full QQI Level 5 certificate and want to work with children or adults with special educational needs, who understand that teaching can be challenging but also extremely rewarding.

CDCFE Inclusive Education and Training course will not only prepare you for intellectual development of learners, but also play a key role in moral and social development.

Course Description

This award offers a wide range of modules which enables students to gain a critical awareness of the way in which the Irish Education system operates. Learners are also enabled to improve their communication, critical reflection and interpersonal skills, all of which are central to working in an educational setting.

Course Content

Inclusive Education and Training – 6M2263

  1. 6N1975 Disability Awareness
  2. 6N2225 Differentiated Learning and Instruction
  3. 6N2226 Inclusive Education Practice
  4. 6N1949 Personal Professional Development
  5. 6N2191 Leadership
  6. 6N2207 Boundary Management
  7. 6N2209 Mental Health Awareness
  8. 6N1957 Special Needs Assisting
  9. 6N2228 Assessment Practice


Students will engage in work experience over the year as Classroom Assistants, and/or Special Needs Assistants. Students also can engage in their work placement overseas as part of Erasmus +.

Entry Requirements

Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Business

Students who successfully complete all modules in year one of the Pre-Primary School Teaching – 5M3635 can progress into this course

Candidates with a relevant full QQI Level 5 certificate

Mature Students with relevant life or work experience

Applicants whose first language is not English may be tested prior to acceptance.

We would note that students wishing to become primary school teachers must have met certain requirements set by the Teaching Council. Please speak to a career guidance teacher or email the Pre-Primary Teaching Course Coordinator for more information. All students will be Garda Vetting before going on placement

Further College Links / Progression

Students can use this major award (6M2263) to apply to colleges through the CAO, or gain employment across different sectors to provide special educational needs.


1 Year

Course Charges