Mural Urban Art (BTEI/Skills to Compete)

Mural Urban Art (BTEI / Skills to Compete)

QQI Level 4 Part Award 4M2010

BTEI means Back to Education Initiative. BTEI gives unemployed adults the opportunity of returning to part time education, while retaining their benefits to support themselves.
Skills to Compete is an initiative to support those who have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 and wish to re-enter the workforce. See here for details.

Can you imagine working transforming spaces such as room or ordinary street walls into extraordinary universes? Would you like an opportunity to engage in a community mural, then this is the course for you.

This is a one year part-time course. This Mural Urban Art course is designed to target people interested in art and returning to education, while building on their individual transversal skills and personal effectiveness and wellbeing through the practical medium of art.

This course will give learners the opportunity to develop existing and new skills. The course is broad enough to support learner’s needs that may have left education and entered the workplace with only a junior or senior cycle education.

The course will give individuals an opportunity to achieve a certified accreditation for future educational and community employment prospect. All the modules covered on the proposed course include transferable skills and will support the learners in adapting to the future working environments they will find themselves in.

Course Content*

Drawing / Painting / Team Building / Personal Effectiveness / Work Practice

Click on the link to view some street art projects in Ireland Paint-A-Box-Street-Art

(*subject to change)


QQI Level 4 Part Award


One year part-time course, 2-3 days per week, fully equipped studios

Entry Requirements

BTEI eligible (unemployed adults looking to return to part time education while retaining their benefits). Participants on CE schemes or TUS may also apply. Skills to Compete eligible ( )


Community Development QQI Level 5, Craft Production QQI Level 5, Art & Design Portfolio Preparation QQI Level 5, and other QQI Level 5 courses.

How to Apply

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Apply by selecting  ‘Department Choice 1’ →  ‘BTEI Courses’ and ‘Course Choice 1’ → ‘Mural Urban Art’

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