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Sports & Cultural Activities

Students have access to quality sports facilities in the College with a Sports Hall in Kilbarrack and a Sports Hall & Gym in Coolock and an outdoor leisure area in Raheny for Soccer etc. Sporting & Cultural activities and events are organised by the College Sports & Cultural Office and for some large events the College Students Union also. In addition, we hope facilitate our students in partaking in the activities of the SCC (Sports & Cultural Council) of the CDVEC (City of Dublin VEC). This body organises and oversees Sporting & Cultural activities and events between all of the various colleges in the (CDVEC) system.

At the beginning of the year Students organise Class Representatives. In the second week of College, Tutors assist in this task. The Class Rep is the most important link between the student and the Sports & Cultural Office and the Students Union. This person brings information and suggestions between all parties. We reward them by bringing them on nights out and reductions or no cost to events. The first night out is to The Plex in Coolock for a Bowling Competition between Class Reps!!!

During the Year we organise a Sports & Cultural Week in October and a Green/Seachtain na Gaeilge Week in March during these weeks activities are organised by the Sports & Cultural Office and the Students Union some separately and some together- check calendar for details.

In the College we organise Sports & Cultural Activities in a formal way, we hold during the college year five main events with the Students Union
(some are held during the weeks outlined above):

  •  A 5-a-Side Class Soccer Competition at the Astro Park in October
  •  A Fashion Fundraiser & Quiz for the Simon Community in December
  •  A Seachtain na Gaeilge Bi-Lingual Fun Quiz in March.
  •  A Film Fest (Screening) at the Seamus Ennis Centre also in March
  •  A Fun Potted Sports Day in Sept

During the year as you can see from the calendar we organise Gaelic (Anne & Joe), Soccer (Paul & Denis) Computer Games (Ciaran & Michael) Boxasize (Dave) Film (Frank & Ray) some Basketball Teams for 1 Day SCC Blitz Soccer Blitz (Breda, Fiona, Clodagh, Paul Denis Anne Finbar,, plus….) along with some Music & Quiz Events (Matt, Honor, Clodagh, Una, Breda. There will be a number of Competitions such as Poetry & Short Story, Film, Photography & Art. Green Days will also be part of the programme contact Robert Quinn

Students also have the opportunity to partake in events & activities organised for all of the City of Dublin VECs (CDVEC) Colleges under the central Sports & Cultural Council (SCC).

Information available for group rates to e.g Carlingford Adventure Centre or even the UCI Bowling &  Quaser for Culture & Craic and Bonding & Teambuilding etc can cover for material to complete modules. Some assignment briefs can be covered by involvement in selected activities and events e.g. Creative Writing Class-Short Story Competition.

Information with regard to any of these events & activities will be posted up on the S&C Notice Boards in each campus. The Campus Sports Halls in Kilbarrack & Coolock are avail at certain times with a Tutor supervising the students for blocks of an hour. Also, the outside pitch in Raheny is available to students for leisure activities.

Colour Code for Activities/Events:

  • Blue - Sports and Cultural & Students Union Joint Activities/Events
  • Red - Student Union Activities/Events
  • Black - Sports and Cultural Activities/Events
  • Purple - CDVEC Sports and Cultural Council Activities
  • Orange - Mid-term Breaks
  • Green - Special Activities Trips to Carlingford etc for Courses.

If you have any ideas for events or you wish for further information please do not hesitate to call at the Recreation Office at the Coolock Campus or ring/text me on:     087 1384230  (085 number FREE TEXTS ) Or send an e-mail to: breda.dockrell@cdcfe.cdvec.ie


TERM 1      
Date Day Activity Week No.
29-Aug Mon College Starts Week 1
30-Aug Tue    
31-Aug Wed    
01-Sep Thu    
02-Sep Fri Student Registration (+for Sports & Cultural Activities & SU All Week Registration)  
05-Sep Mon   Week 2
06-Sep Tue    
07-Sep Wed    
08-Sep Thu    
09-Sep Fri Student Registration (+for Sports & Cultural Activities & SU All Week Registration)  
12-Sep Mon   Week 3
13-Sep Tue    
14-Sep Wed Gaelic & Basketball Meeting & Trials 2 00pm Coolock/Raheny Campus
15-Sep Thu    
16-Sep Fri    
19-Sep Mon Gaelic League Begins 3-5 Matches over the next few Weeks. Week 4
20-Sep Tue    
21-Sep Wed Gaelic & Basketball FRIENDLY Matches 2. 00pm Coolock/Raheny Campus  
22-Sep Thu    
23-Sep Fri    
26-Sep Mon   Week 5
27-Sep Tue Class Reps Names Submitted 12 00 - 1400 All Campuses  
28-Sep Wed Gaelic Blitz 11 a-side Event Further Education Invitation Ballymun Kickhams 1 00pm  
29-Sep Thu Class Reps Names Submitted 12 00 - 1400 All Campuses  
30-Sep Fri    
03-Oct Mon SU Freshers Week -SU/ S&C Class Reps Nite Out Leisure Plex ( Prizes!!!!) Happy Health Week Week 6
04-Oct Tue Raheny Happy Health Hour 12 noon - 2 00pm  
05-Oct Wed Kilbarrack Happy Health Hour 12noon - 2 00pm - Student Services Card & O Neills Hoodie Offer 10 00am-4 00pm. SU FRESHERS NITE  
06-Oct Thu Coolock Happy Health Hour 12noon - 2 00pm  
07-Oct Fri "Jersey Day" or "Mad Hair Day" Fundraiser with Prizes  
10-Oct Mon Gaelic League Gym/ Boxasize/ Basketball /Tip Gaelic Coolock Campus 12.30 - 2.30pm Every Week Week 7
11-Oct Tue    
12-Oct Wed Basketball Friendly Match  
13-Oct Thu Gym/ Boxasize//Basketball/ Tip Gaelic Coolock Campus 12.00 - 2.00pm Every Week  
14-Oct Fri    
17-Oct Mon Gym/ Boxasize/ Basketball/ Tip Gaelic Coolock Campus 12.30 - 2.30pm Week 2 (Cont..) Week 8
18-Oct Tue    
19-Oct Wed  
20-Oct Thu Gym/ Boxasize Basketball Tip Gael Coolock Campus 12.00 - 2.00pm Week 2 (Cont…)  
21-Oct Fri    
24-Oct Mon   Week 9
25-Oct Tue UCI Film Screening "Ballymun Lullaby" all Media & Social Care Depts 12 00noon Depart.  
26-Oct Wed Soccer 5-a-side Competition, Astropark 1200 noon ALL CLASSES SUSPENDED  
27-Oct Thu "Shots Hour" Soccer & Basketball 12 00 - 2. 00pm  
28-Oct Fri Student Union Fun Day Coolock Campus  
31-Oct Mon Mid Term Study Week no College Week 10
01-Nov Tue    
02-Nov Wed    
03-Nov Thu    
04-Nov Fri Mid Term Study Week no College  
07-Nov Mon   Week 11
09-Nov Wed  
10-Nov Thu  
11-Nov Fri    
14-Nov Mon   Week 12
15-Nov Tue    
16-Nov Wed Basketball Friendly Match  
17-Nov Thu    
18-Nov Fri    
21-Nov Mon   Week 13
22-Nov Tue    
23-Nov Wed    
24-Nov Thu    
25-Nov Fri    
28-Nov Mon CDVEC SCC Battle of the Bands Temple Bar Event To be Confirmed Week 14
29-Nov Tue    
30-Nov Wed  
01-Dec Thu    
02-Dec Fri    
05-Dec Mon   Week 15
06-Dec Tue    
07-Dec Wed Christmas Fashion Show Fundraiser Simon Comm 12-2pm CLASSES SUSPENDED  
08-Dec Thu CDVEC SCC Public Speaking Finals Event To be Confirmed  
09-Dec Fri    
12-Dec Mon   Week 16
13-Dec Tue    
14-Dec Wed    
15-Dec Thu SU Christmas Ball  
16-Dec Fri    
19-Dec Mon   Week 17
20-Dec Tue    
21-Dec Wed    
22-Dec Thu    
23-Dec Fri    
Sports & Cultural Activities
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