Computer Science

Certificate in Software Development QQI Level 5 (5M0529) – Year 1
Advanced Certificate in Software Development Level 6 (6M0691) – Year 2

Our course encompasses many aspects of computing including scientific foundation, coding, web design, IT skills and familiarisation with a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Throughout this course there is a strong emphasis put on coding. Year One has eight hours of programming per week and Year Two has nine hours.

New Access Route

We are delighted to be the first PLC course in Ireland to offer students the opportunity to progress to TR033, Trinity College’s Level 8 Computer Science Degree. TR033 is a hugely sought-after course which required 555 CAO points in 2022. As the only Computer Science PLC course nationwide offering the ‘Maths for STEM 5N0556’ module, CDCFE students are uniquely placed to satisfy TCD’s QQI/FET access requirements for TR033.

There is also a high success rate for our students through our advanced progression links into:

  • TU Dublin City Centre Campus (Level 8 Computer Science Degree)
  • TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus (Level 8 Computing Degree)
  • NCI (Level 8 Computing Degree)

Course Content

Year 1
  • Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (Java)
  • Programming & Design Principles (Java)
  • Web Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Database Methods
  • Communications
  • Work Experience/Personal and Professional Development
  • One of the following two maths modules, depending on the student’s progression plan:
    • Maths for STEM (5N0556) (Please see entry requirements)
    • Maths for Information Technology (5N18396)
Year 2
  • Object Orientated Programming (Java)
  • Graphical User Interface Programming (Java)
  • Web Development
  • Software Architecture
  • Relational Databases
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Project Management.


Certificate in Software Development QQI Level 5 (5M0529)

Advanced Certificate in Software Development Level 6 (6M0691)

Entry Requirements

1st Year Level 5 – Leaving Certificate with a minimum of a O6 or H7 grade in Maths. Students choosing the Maths for STEM module should have a minimum of an O3 or a H6 grade in Leaving Certificate Maths.

2nd Year Level 6 – A full QQI Level 5 qualification in Computer Science or relevant experience.

Mature students with relevant experience are welcome – this will be determined after a conversation with the course coordinator.

Career Opportunities

Students with a Computer Science qualification can anticipate employment as computer technicians, programmers/analysts, software and hardware support specialists and computer sales professionals. Alternatively they may use the course as a sound academic basis for further study in the Computer Science area.

Computer Science at Colásite Dhúlaigh College of Further Education

College Links

Students who choose to undertake the ‘Maths for STEM’ module in Year One may apply for entry to first year of TCD’s Computer Science Level 8 degree, TR033. This application process occurs at the end of Year One.

Students who successfully complete both years of the course may progress via advanced entry to the second year of the following Level 8 degree courses:

  • TU Dublin (City Centre Campus) – TU856 BSc Hons in Computer Science*
  • TU Dublin (Blanchardstown Campus) – TU860 BSc Hons in Computing
  • National College of Ireland (NCI) – NC003 BSc Hons in Computing

*C2/O4 in Leaving Certificate Maths required


2 Years

Course Charges

Year 1: €50
Year 2: €50

Applicants in receipt of a Social Welfare payment will keep their payment whilst studying on the course under the Back to Education Allowance scheme.