Healthcare Paediatric Support (part-time)

Certificate in Healthcare Support QQI Level 5 (5N4339) – 2 Years Part Time

This part-time two-year course will develop learners to gain employment in the healthcare industry, or to progress onto Level 6 major award in further education. The part time course two-year course is suitable for anyone wanting to upskill while participating on a CEScheme, or working in the sector. Learners that wish to work as a healthcare assistant in a specialize area that is suited to them will be able to do so by completing this major award.

The course will also be able to bridge the gap between employees and education so learners can have access difference pathways.

Course Content*

Learners will complete all of the minor award modules listed below over two years.

  • Care Support
  • Safety and Health at Work
  • Care Skills
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Human Growth and Development OR Anatomy and Physiology
  • Child Health and Well Being
  • Maternity Care Support

*Modules subject to change

Entry Requirements

To be BTEI eligible, applicants must be in receipt of or a dependent of a Social Protection payment before starting the course. Participants on CE schemes or TUS may apply also.


Successful learners may progress on to Level 6 or Further Education.

Career Opportunities

This is an area of study that offers excellent career opportunities in healthcare.


2 years part time programme (Autumn – May)

Course Charges


*All BTEI applicants in receipt of, or a dependent of a Social Protection payment before starting the course will be eligible to have the *tuition wavered through the European Social Fund.

The aim is to give participants an opportunity to combine a return to learning with family, work and other responsibilities.

Participants signing on for credits, on CE schemes or TUS may apply also.

All students who present for this course will be given individual guidance by qualified tutors who are able to make recommendations as to what courses may suit their learning needs.

ALL Students must apply for Garda Clearance.

How to Apply

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Apply by selecting ‘Department Choice 1’ → ‘BTEI Courses’ and ‘Course Choice 1’ → ‘Healthcare Paediatric Support’ (BTEI part time course)’

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