History of Art & Architecture (Part-Time)

Instruction to the architecture of Dublin

If you have an interest in art and architecture and would like to learn about the history of art and architecture in Dublin through a series of lectures, gallery visits, observational sketching and digital photography this may be the part-time course for you.

This course will examine the history of architecture and the journey will begin with the Classical world and trace the different architectural movements and styles through the Medieval era, the Renaissance, Industrialisation, and the Modern age. The specific focus of the course is the origins and development of Dublin City and its architecture. Students will learn and practice techniques for representing the city and its architecture in drawing and photography*. The course is a beginner’s course and students will be encouraged to learn new skills such as drawing, research skills and digital photography.

Course Content

  • Appreciation of Art & Architecture
  • Demonstrations/Workshops in drawing techniques
  • Walking/Drawing/Photographing tours in Dublin city
  • Beginners Drawing
  • Digital Photography

The course will be delivered in the classroom, and class trips will be organised on a regular basis. On completion of the course student will achieve a QQI part award in art. Students can also progress on to any of our other part-time or full-time courses in the art and design department.

Entry Requirements

All BTEI applicants must be in receipt of or a dependent of a Social Protection payment before starting the course. Participants on CE schemes or TUS may apply also.


QQI Level 5 (Part award)


One year part-time BTEI course

How to apply

Click ‘Apply Now’ at the top of this page

Apply by selecting  ‘Department Choice 1’ →  ‘BTEI Courses’ and ‘Course Choice 1’  → ‘History of Art & Architecture’

BTEI Coordinator: Helen.OMahony@cdcfe.cdetb.ie