Pottery for Beginners (part-time)

QQI Level 4 Part Award – 1 Year

BTEI means Back to Education Initiative. BTEI gives unemployed adults the opportunity of returning to part time education, while retaining their benefits to support themselves.
Skills to Compete is an initiative to support those who have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 and wish to re-enter the workforce. See here for details.

Pottery for Beginners is a one year part-time course.

The course aims to provide training, up-skilling and confidence to learners, enabling them to establish the various skills required to create three dimensional work –  it includes learning how to throw on the wheel, slab building, coiling, press moulding, etc. and to develop skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. All materials are provided.

Course Content*

  • Design
  • IT skills
  • Workplace Safety
(*Subject to change)

Entry Requirements

All BTEI applicants must be in receipt of or a dependent of a Social Protection payment before starting the course. Participants on CE schemes or TUS may apply also.


QQI Level 4 Part Award


Craft Production, QQI Level 5. Click here for Craft Production page


One year (Autumn – May), 2-3 days in a fully equipped studio.

How to apply

Click ‘Apply Now’ at the top of this page

Apply by selecting  ‘Department Choice 1’ →  ‘BTEI Courses’ and ‘Course Choice 1’  → ‘Pottery for Beginners’

BTEI Coordinator: Helen.OMahony@cdcfe.cdetb.ie