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Testimonials 2019

Architect students in Budapest, Hungary

“I learned a lot about architecture in this city as it is jam packed with amazing architecture. I feel very lucky to have worked with an Architect who is so knowledgeable about the industry. I learned not just about architecture but life.

I also learned how to be more independent while staying in our apartment. Having to cook, clean and get around on my own was an amazing experience.”

Erasmus + at CDCFE

“We went on some site visits to understand the building stages, from a house renovation to a whole new house being built out of containers. All of that had provided me a great sense of how an architect’s life works in reality.”

“It was the best experience of my life. Not just about the travelling side but being in contact and in the field of your interest it was an amazing opportunity that i recommend anyone to do it. Thanks ERASMUS ! “

Social care/childcare/youth activities worker students in Maribor, Slovenia

“Anyone who has the opportunity to do the Erasmus programme should do it. It is an amazing experience “

“The Erasmus programme is such an amazing opportunity and experience”

“The Erasmus program is a life changing experience which helps you open your mind up to the world’s  different experiences and cultures. I would definitely take the opportunity again if given the chance”

“It was a great experience. The city of Maribor is beautiful, full of nature and culture. The people are very friendly and speak English very well. It is a student city but not wild or loud. Try the local cuisine in the capital of Ljubljana and their delicious cakes are a must try. Do try the thermal pools and the hike on the mountain. A period of 4 to 5 weeks is possibly better than 3, as by the time you settle one must go back.”

Erasmus + at CDCFE

“I improved my confidence as I threw myself into the role and worked as a childcare practitioner. I developed skills and improved my knowledge regarding the Montessori methods. I learned about the equipment and materials used in a Montessori and how to react as the adult in these situations e.g. showing the children how to use the materials but ensuring they done it for themselves. This mobility period allowed me to see the difference between Ireland and Slovenia’s childcare systems. I saw how independent these children were from such a young age and learned about ways in which I can promote children’s independence back in Ireland. I improved my communication skills as I had to adapt to the language barrier and learn ways in which I could tackle this. The children spoke Slovenian to me and I had to speak English back to them however I also used hand gestures to get my point across which seemed to work e.g. pointed and tapped shoes and told the children to put their shoes on. “


Science students in Maribor, Slovenia

“I improved my communication skills as not all staff in my placement spoke good English. I also improved my lab skills that I had brought over from experiences in my studies. My adaptability also improved greatly as 3 weeks was the longest I’ve ever travelled away from my family.”

Erasmus + at CDCFE

Outdoor education students in Corsica and in Fuerteventura

It was a good three weeks, I did much and learn even more, I enjoyed working with the people and learning from the people that were there with us”

Erasmus + at CDCFE

Erasmus + at CDCFE